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Security and burglary protection simply cannot be a secondary issue, not even for a side entrance door. Especially as burglars prefer to try their luck here than at an entrance door. Bad luck for them thanks to TERSA! Because this side entrance door from Weru is not only impressive visually, but also in terms of security. All four models are equipped with safety features you would not normally anticipate. Bad for burglars, good for you!
Contact your local Weru specialist dealer for advice.

  • More safety through the RC 2 design
  • Modern optics through sandblasting1)
  • Great variety of colors
  • High thermal insulation
  • Made to measure up to 1,250 x 2,300 mm
  • Made in Germany

1) Sandblasting art only available for models H91350-G, H91351-G und H91352-G

Standard design


Color options
Ask your nearest Weru specialist dealer to show you which colour combinations are possible, and take a look at true-to-life samples of the colours as the colour charts may differ from the original colours. Other special colours are available.


You can, for example, add a sidelight or a fanlight to your door. With P4A glazing as standard,
the entrance door system complies with safety class RC 2.

AutoLock with electric opener
  • AutoLock is a self-locking multi-point lock: simply pull the door closed behind you and it is automatically and effectively locked by two latch bolts to prevent break-in attempts — no need for manual locking
  • Save yourself the trip to the door: With the electric door opener the extended latch bolts are retracted via a motor, and when the entrance door is pulled to it is once again protected against unwanted opening
Contained in:
  • Comfort++
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable

With the Weru-TwinLock door catch allows you to open the door just a crack so you can see who’s there. No one can enter until you unlock the catch from inside. To enter the house you can unlock the TwinLock from the outside with the key. An additional security feature: All lock parts are concealed in the door profiles.

  • Individually bookable
Finger scan built into door panel

Finger scan sensor: A human finger with its unique characteristics is all that is needed to open the door using biometric identification. The control unit compares the scanned fingerprint with the fingerprints previously saved for access authorisation and opens the door in case of a match. Thus you can enter without a key or a password.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable
Finger scan with Bluetooth

Opening the entrance door using your finger and an app? With the finger scan with Bluetooth it’s possible. Via the app from ekey home you can define and control who has access. You can add or delete people with just a few clicks. If needed, your smartphone can be used as a remote control — allowing you to unlock the door from a distance. Even if your smartphone is stolen the thief cannot enter your house. The ekey home app is secured with a four- to six-digit code. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable
Door closer for PVC doors

We have all experienced it. Your hands are full — and you either have to put everything down or contort your body to close the door. The door closer automatically closes the door for you. You can choose from slide rail, shallow form or concealed in the frame versions. A precisely adjustable force causes the door to close gently but securely – to the necessary pressure – in the lock.

  • Individually bookable

Equipment options cannot all be combined with each other. Your Weru specialist dealer will be happy to advise you.

Profile system

6-chamber profile, installation depth of 86 mm
Frame made from PVC with aluminium reinforcements – for high stiffness and anti-pull off fastening of striker plates and hinges
Entrance door leaf made from RAU-FIPRO with steel reinforcements – for maximum stability, high stiffness and long-lasting functionality for your front door

Threshold Stable, continuous thermally separated threshold – to prevent condensation and for high air and driving rain impermeability
Seals Exchangeable highly resilient EPDM seals – to ensure excellent, long-lasting air and driving rain impermeability
Insulating glass

Double insulated safety glazing Ug = 1.1 W/(m2K) with P4A laminated safety glass
triple insulated safety glazing Ug = 0.7 W/(m2K) with P4A laminated safety glass

Energy efficiency values Ud = 1,2 - 0,97 W/(m2K)
Handle Safety handle set
Cylinder Nickel-plated profile cylinder, with emergency and hazard function and five keys
Lock system Mechanical, self-locking automatic lock (AutoLockPlus),
continuous stainless steel locking bar
Hinges drei stabile zwei-teilige Rollen-Aufschraubbänder
in Weiß (bei Innenfarbe weiß),
in Edelstahl-Look (bei farbiger Innenseite),
drei-dimensional verstellbar
Profile cylinder Nickel-plated profile cylinder, with emergency and hazard function and five keys

Door width: 992 to 1,250 mm
Door height: 1,920 to 2,300 mm