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Aluminium doors

Robust and elegant – you are sure to be on the safe side with aluminium entrance doors from Weru: The installation depth and the material quality provide for lasting stability and added security. Additionally, a cosy entrance hall is ensured through the special panel material with good thermal and acoustic insulation properties used in Weru aluminium doors. Numerous classic and modern designs and over 1,000 different colour options are at your disposal.

Aluminium doors

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PVCu doors

Quality meets design freedom – you are choosing the most cost-effective door variant with PVCu entrance doors from Weru: You can save hard cash not just when you purchase PVCu doors, but also in terms of thermal insulation. In addition, you have a free choice between plain colours or warm timber tones so you can add your very own personal touch, just the way you like it.

PVCu doors

Built-in safety
Side entrance doors

Quality and safety - PVCu side doors Weru score highly thanks to their safety features, modern appearance and high thermal insulation, all at an affordable price. All four models, optionally also with side panel or overhead lighting, are RC2-tested and eligible for KfW subsidies.

Side entrance doors


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