Old, new, large, small - whatever your dream house looks like: AVIDA gives you exactly the right PVCu door. Satisfying your individual needs and personal taste. The AVIDA PVCu door is of a very high quality and will be your reliable companion for many years. Besides incorporating the design requirements, the door also satisfies any technical functions, demonstrating its outstanding suitability for daily use.
At the same time, this door offers you plenty of room for individuality. This is because you can customise every door model to meet your needs precisely in terms of appearance, security and comfort with the individual elements from the supplementary and design fittings lines or specific fittings packages.
Your local Weru specialist dealer will be happy to give you expert advice.

  • Proven in daily use
  • Premium quality and reliable technology
  • Huge product range to meet any individual requirement
  • Optimal price-performance ratio and long-term cost-effectiveness

All other models can be found in the model overview available for download here:


Whether PVCu or aluminium surfaces on your windows or doors: RAL Classic colours are always a good choice! At Weru you can choose from up to 200 RAL Classic colours or pick one of our numerous other colours — you decide!

The following colour charts can deviate from the original colours. Visit your specialist dealer to see the original colours. Your specialist dealer can also tell you which colour options are available for specific window or door systems.

PVCu surfaces
Decorative glass
Glass art motifs for sidelights
Handles & rosettes

When selecting the handle, you are not only visually shaping the entrance to your domestic sphere, you are also creating an inviting ambience for you and your guests. Weru has a huge selection of exterior handles and interior lever handles. No matter which handle you choose: You will feel the quality and stability right from the first touch.

Thermal insulation
Secutity thermal insulation glazing
  • Thermal insulation glazing – depending on the system, up to four panes with a Ug value of up to 0.6 W/(m2K)
  • 6-mm laminated safety glass for increased security

Included in standard equipment

  • Highly insulating PVCu glazing spacer reduces condensation on the glass pane
  • Condense-Stop ensures a pleasant living climate due to a consistent surface temperature

Condense-Stop is a standard feature of ATRIS-style, ATRIS-life and TERSA door systems.

  • Individually bookable
Thermally optimised threshold
  • Thermally separated threshold prevents condensation
  • Low threshold height for barrier-free access
  • Special design for maximum driving rain impermeability
Flexible shear bonding
  • Prevents the door from warping in cold temperatures
  • Ensures smooth operation and long-term functionality

The smart door locking system locks automatically: when the door is simply pulled to it is locked by two latch bolts.

Standard locking system for all door systems except AVIDA PVCu door system.

Impact-resistant P4A glazing
  • Laminated safety glass with security foil between the panes – making it difficult to smash the entrance door glass
  • Helps to comply with security class RC 2
Contained in:
  • Protect+++
  • Individually bookable
Keyed-alike profile cylinders

With a keyed-alike profile cylinder you only need one key for both your entrance door and your cellar door. Keyed-alike profile cylinders from Weru offer exceptional comfort and a high level of security. They meet the highest quality standards and have numerous sophisticated quality features.

  • Individually bookable
Janus security cylinder
  • The multi-pin reversible profile cylinder with hardened steel security pins meets the highest demands for security
  • Janus profile cylinders have a security lock, which means that the locking mechanism only exist once
  • integrated core protection disc prevents the lock from simply being drilled out
Contained in:
  • Protect++
  • Protect+++
  • Individually bookable
Security rosette

The security rosette with cylinder cover protects the profile cylinder from tampering actions such as drilling out or core pulling, as well as preventing the rosette itself from being pried off and unscrewed.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Individually bookable
Hook bolts

The hook bolts prevent the frame and sash from being forced apart. Sawing off or bending of the bolts is virtually impossible.

  • Individually bookable

With the Weru-TwinLock door catch allows you to open the door just a crack so you can see who’s there. No one can enter until you unlock the catch from inside. To enter the house you can unlock the TwinLock from the outside with the key. An additional security feature: All lock parts are concealed in the door profiles.

  • Individually bookable
Pry-out guards

Strike plates and screw-in lock bolts specially attached to the frame and leaf rebate engage in one another when the door is closed so the door leaf cannot be forcefully levered off in the hinge area.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Protect++
  • Protect+++
  • Individually bookable
Three-point lock with electric opener
  • When the door is locked two bolts, one at the top and one at the bottom, engage in the door frame slots
  • With the electric door opener you can conveniently open the door for your guests via the intercom
Contained in:
  • Comfort+
  • Individually bookable
Optimally seated profile cylinder

Ensures that hands are sufficiently free during unlocking and locking and thus prevents injuries.


With suitable front plates you can integrate letterboxes and doorbells into the sidelights of our entrance doors. The front plates made from galvanised powder-coated steel are extremely robust. The metal bell pushes are flush-mounted in the steel fronts and can optionally be provided with aluminium nameplates in which you can have names and symbols engraved.

  • Individually bookable
Electric door opener

Added security and convenience in one: Via the intercom you can find out who’s at the door before opening it. With the electric door opener you can let your guests in at the push of a button — without having to walk all the way to the door. Added comfort, particularly in multi-storey buildings or for people with limited mobility.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+
  • Comfort++
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable
Finger scan built into door panel

Finger scan sensor: A human finger with its unique characteristics is all that is needed to open the door using biometric identification. The control unit compares the scanned fingerprint with the fingerprints previously saved for access authorisation and opens the door in case of a match. Thus you can enter without a key or a password.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable
Finger scan with Bluetooth

Opening the entrance door using your finger and an app? With the finger scan with Bluetooth it’s possible. Via the app from ekey home you can define and control who has access. You can add or delete people with just a few clicks. If needed, your smartphone can be used as a remote control — allowing you to unlock the door from a distance. Even if your smartphone is stolen the thief cannot enter your house. The ekey home app is secured with a four- to six-digit code. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+++
  • Individually bookable
Digital door viewer

Nice to know who’s at the door: The digital door viewer records what’s going on outside with a camera and shows it to you inside on a monitor. At a convenient size and with no distortion at all.

  • Individually bookable
Door closer for PVC doors

We have all experienced it. Your hands are full — and you either have to put everything down or contort your body to close the door. The door closer automatically closes the door for you. You can choose from slide rail, shallow form or concealed in the frame versions. A precisely adjustable force causes the door to close gently but securely – to the necessary pressure – in the lock.

  • Individually bookable
Kick plate

How many times have you had to push the entrance door open with your foot because your hands were full? Unfortunately, doing this produces unsightly scratches in the paint. You can protect the surface of your entrance door with a stainless steel kick plate placed at the bottom of the door. Depending on the selected model, this rigid kick plate is installed flush or surface mounted.

  • Individually bookable
Scratch protection around profile cylinder

A key ring is a practical thing. It holds all the keys you need: entrance door, letterbox, car lock and bike lock. But a key ring often knocks against the entrance door, leaving behind obvious marks over time. A stainless steel scratch protection plate around the profile cylinder is easy to attach and protects the panel from nasty marks.

  • Individually bookable

Equipment options cannot all be combined with each other. Your Weru specialist dealer will be happy to advise you.

Profile system

5-chamber profile, installation depth of 70 mm – for high thermal insulation values
Frame made from PVCu with steel reinforcements – for high stability and secure fastening to masonry
Entrance door leaf made from PVCu with steel reinforcements – for high stability and lasting functionality for your entrance door

Threshold Stable, continuous thermally separated threshold – to prevent condensation and for high air and driving rain impermeability
Seals Exchangeable highly resilient EPDM seals – to ensure excellent, long-lasting air and driving rain impermeability
Panel type Glazed rebate panel, installation depth: 37 mm, UP = 0.77 W/(m2K)
Insulating glass Double insulated safety glazing Ug = 1.1 W/(m2K) with 6-mm laminated safety glass
High energy efficiency values Glazed rebate panels to Ud = 0.99 W/(m2K)
Lock system A three-point lock secures the locked door with two solid latch bolts to provide effective protection against break-in attempts
Hinges Three stable two-part screw-on hinges protect the door from being levered open and ensure long-lasting functionality
Profile cylinder Profile cylinder with emergency and panic function

Door width to 1,200 mm
Door height to 2,300 mm