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Imagine: After a relaxed night in pleasant darkness, your bedroom roller shutter moves up, as quiet as a whisper – precisely into the position that allows sunrays to gently awaken you. Or one of your windows indicates to you via push message on your smartphone that it is not closed even though wet weather is drawing in. Wouldn't that be splendid?

This dream can now become reality: With immediate effect, WERU windows and privacy screens are now "Smart Home Ready by Somfy". By investing in these new WERU windows, you are laying the first cornerstone for your intelligent home. A home in which windows report via the app, for example, if a burglar is trying to get in. Or roller shutters which are conveniently and autonomously lowered to protect you from the midday heat and which go back up in the evening as soon as it has cooled down. What else do you need to do? All you have to do is look forward to returning to your cool and secure home after a long day at work. That's all!

Smart Home - this is how it works

Shutters are widely used throughout Germany: around 20 million households use these practical aids to black out a room, for privacy, heat and cold insulation as well as for security. But many shutters always stop in one position. Who has the time or energy to go through the entire flat or house at least twice a day to raise or lower each individual roller shutter?

In a smart home, on the other hand, windows and doors, shutters and awnings, lamps and heating thermostats or even an alarm system or weather data station work together. This means that these individual elements can be operated and intelligently controlled by a central control unit or an app via radio. You can just rest on the couch!

When you are on holiday, it is easy to make your home look occupied using lighting and roller shutters in varying positions, even when no-one is actually there. This is how you protect your property from burglars! And even on the go, you are always up to speed and can control the smart components independently of each other. Because you have everything under control via the app with its practical notifications via e-mail or the push function.

The benefits of radio-based smart home solutions at a glance

  • Walls and ceilings no longer have to be torn open for cables to connect, for example, roller shutters
    Because the networking of the individual digital elements takes place via an all-round secure radio link. Tested and certified.
  • Individual time switches and the associated costly programming changes are superfluous
    You manage all devices and functions via a central, easy-to-use control unit and the app. Individually, as a daily changing scenario or, for example, all shutters at the same time.
  • The scenarios are set up and programmed intuitively
    You no longer need expensive experts, you can quickly become a specialist for your smart building technology yourself. On the control unit just like with the app.
  • Smart home users are also well informed on the go
    With the iOS or Android app, you can keep an eye on your home while you are on the move. You only need access to the Internet, for example to turn up the heating.
  • The central control unit can be supplemented with radio buttons
    So you can individually raise or lower your roller shutters directly at the desired window. With one click, the annoying pulling up with the belt is no longer necessary.

WERU windows and roller shutters can be equipped with the following Somfy products, for example:

The wireless roller shutter drive RS 100

is quiet as a whisper and can be installed together with any combination of a WERU window and a WERU roller shutter. It is also difficult to open windows with this equipment from the outside.

The slim opening detector io

detects open windows in your home. If someone attempts to tamper with them, you will receive an e-mail or push notification and can respond immediately.

The Somfy TaHoma® house control system and the corresponding app

is intuitive to use, can be upgraded and combined extensively – for example with a weather package or various security features such as an alarm siren or video cameras. The control unit can also be supplemented with practical radio buttons which can be installed near to the window.

You can see: Your comfortable and convenient home is created with an intelligent combination of different products, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of security and energy efficiency.

Welcome to the new dimension of living.

Our energy-saving, environmentally-friendly WERU windows and privacy screens are, with immediate effect, "Smart Home Ready by Somfy“ - i.e. they are perfectly prepared for the intelligent radio control solutions of automation specialist Somfy.

As home owners, you can enjoy twice as many benefits: With WERU product series, you are investing in an expandable and customizable smart home system. At the same time, you are laying the future-proof foundation for the digitalisation of your home. Regardless of whether you are already using digital comfort solutions today or might want to enjoy them at some point in the future.

Future-proof and tailored to your needs.

The smart home system is future-proof because you can expand it individually and in stages. This means that you can choose among the many wireless solutions for awnings and curtains, doors and gates, heating and lighting at a later date. And the smart home products from 20 other leading brands are also compatible with this system.

Safe all round. With certificate.

As always, WERU places great emphasis on security: The smart home solution we have chosen has been verified and certified by an independent IT security company. It meets the highest security standards for host and storage servers, web platforms and iOS and Android apps. This means that WERU windows with smart home arrangements meet the high standards in terms of security and quality, for which we are known throughout Europe.

Nice to know: With WERU specialist companies, you have a strong partner at your side, from consulting to planning and installation of the windows. Somfy specialists also assist in setting up the smart home control system. This makes the smart home of the future very simple – you can start your day relaxed, gently woken by the morning's first sunrays.

You can find the WERU speciliast dealer in your area here.

Detectors invisible when the window is closed!

Gone are the days when unsightly electrical power units and cables had to be stuck to the windows and frames: The narrow detectors installed directly in the window reveal are completely invisible when the window is closed. This means that the attractive appearance of WERU windows is never diminished, neither outside nor inside.

Perfect for new and existing buildings.

Whether you are building your own dream home from scratch or renovating an existing property with several flats, WERU windows will prepare your property perfectly for the networked future. Your investment will pay off, regardless of whether you decide to use the convenient control and automation solutions now or at a later point.

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