Prevent window accidents: Making windows child-proof

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Everything is new and exciting for toddlers. Young explorers set off to conquer the world every day. Parents must ensure the safety of their young children, as they themselves cannot yet detect and assess hazards and risks. There are numerous sources of danger in houses and flats, the focus is also on securing windows and balcony doors.

Windows and balcony doors can be made child-proof as part of optional extras. Weru offers child-poof hardware to protect little ones from window accidents. The special tilt-before-turn mechanism ensures that children cannot open the window when the handle is horizontal, but can only tilt it. The window can only be fully opened using a key. We recommend a lockable handle by Weru if you do not want children to operate the window at all. When closed, the window handle cannot be operated. Lockable handles provide double protection against unintentional opening by children as well as preventing intruders from operating the handle from the outside.


Weru offers the child safety you need with a large number of different equipment options.
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In addition, stepping and climbing options, such as flowerpots, boxes or stools, should never be placed near windows, as these could serve as climbing aids. Similarly, children should never be left unattended in a room with the window open. It is important to remain watchful, even when just opening the window briefly for a short period of ventilation. The optional slam stop device in the window prevents an open window from being slammed shut by a gust of wind, also protecting little fingers from becoming trapped. In this case, the window sash is fixed in the open position. The slam stop device also offers the option of restricting the ventilation width individually.

For floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony doors in children's rooms, which are mostly found in the 1st floor of a house, so-called burglary-resistant glass is specified. This glass not only keeps uninvited guests at bay but also protects the glass on the inside, particularly from ride-ons, balls or other toys which could crash into the window pane in the worst case scenario. In the case of even more resistant laminated safety glasses, the glass is bonded with a tear-resistant plastic film, which not only ensures that the glass is difficult to break, but also remains stuck to the film in the event of splintering. This virtually eliminates the risk of cuts.

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