Acoustic protection
How does effective acoustic protection work?

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Loud outside noise isn’t just annoying, but it can also affect your health because noise causes stress. Especially in your own living spaces where you want to be able to rest and relax, good acoustic protection is important. High-quality soundproofed windows from WERU shield against outside noise such as from loud streets or planes and can be specially adapted to your individual noise situation with various elements.

How does noise arise?

Sound is created by vibrations in solid bodies which propagate through the air as sound waves. Airborne sound even penetrates solid components, for example windows. The amount of noise passing through the component depends on the component’s density and structure. Whether we perceive outside sounds as disturbing is partly subjective and depends not only on the loudness, but also on the ambient temperature. However, in general, The louder and more intense a sound is, the more likely we are to perceive it as noise. That causes stress which in turn can lead to numerous health problems or even serious illnesses. According to a survey conducted by the German Federal Environmental Agency, the biggest source of noise pollution is perceived to be noise from road traffic. With WERU soundproofed windows this noise stays outside and a calm and peaceful atmosphere is created inside.

How do WERU windows ensure peace and quiet indoors?

How well a window reduces noise depends on the design of its components:

  • Acoustic quality of window frames and sash frames
  • Seal between window frame and sash frame
  • High pane weights, multiple panes with asymmetric glass thicknesses and wide gaps between panes increase the acoustic insulation values of the glazing.
  • Seal between window frame and masonry — this aspect is taken care of through professional installation.

Soundproofed windows from WERU enjoy acoustic protection certification. The noise reduction of the window can be variably adapted to requirements. Appropriately equipped WERU windows can have acoustic insulation values of up to 47 dB.

Why is professional installation so important?

Even the best soundproofed window is only as good as it has been installed to be. Only when the joints and cracks between the window frame and the exterior masonry are acoustically sealed do outside noises remain outside. If a window is shoddily installed, the acoustic protection can quickly drop by a few decibels. Don’t take any chances: Have your WERU soundproofed windows installed by a certified specialist dealer.

How high does the acoustic insulation value have to be?

How good the acoustic protection of a window has to be depends on the noise level in the environment and the distance between the building and the noise source. WERU soundproof glazing is available with different acoustic insulation values. Reference values for the level of sound proofing needed are provided by the regular noise occurring in various situations in daily life:

What level of noise am I exposed to on a daily basis?

Noise surrounds us daily. On busy roads, the noise level can reach 90 dB, for example when a lorry drives by. Planes can generate up to 130 dB of noise; our voices can reach 60 to 70 dB during conversations. Most of the time, sounds generated in nature are not very disturbing. Rustling leaves produce 10 dB and a fine steady rain reaches our ears at about 30 dB.

Weru windows enjoy acoustic protection certification

If the noise pollution drops by 10 dB, the human ear perceives it as a halving of the noise level. The reverse is also true: an increase by the same amount is like a doubling.

Weru-KlimaTherm Phon

Construction: 6/12/4/12/4
Sound reduction index: 36 dB
Panel type: argon

  • Individually bookable

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