How do WERU windows ensure a good indoor climate?

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Regular ventilation cannot always be guaranteed. Despite this, healthy indoor air and a comfortable humidity level are still possible through the optional fitting of WERU windows with effective ventilation aids that support the all-important exchange of air:

  • Gap vents are integrated into the hardware to enable partial ventilation.
  • < li>For brief and intensive ventilation, slam stops and turn limiters can be fitted, which prevent the windows from slamming shut in case of a draft.
  • Various variants of ventilation systems in the window ensure the regular exchange of air. Acoustic insulation elements and pollen filters can be optionally installed. Continuous ventilation systems provide basic ventilation.
  • With the < strong>Safe & Go system, burglary protection is even provided when the window is open for ventilation, and just as well as if the window were closed.
  • TheAeromat midi HY ventilation system provides demand-controlled ventilation based on the relative humidity.
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Which ventilation concept is right for your use characteristics and your windows can be determined in a detailed consultation with the WERU experts, who will also recommend the ideal ventilation elements for a good indoor climate!

Gap vents

This hardware component provides for partial ventilation. Arresting the sash with the preset gap of 5 mm stops the window from slamming shut.

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Slam stop

Prevents window sash slamming shut from gusts of wind by securing the sash in place and enables variable window opening control.

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The Regel-Air ventilation system is a self-regulating system that is installed in the upper section of the window and can be retro-fitted if required. Fresh air supplied from the outside flows laterally over the narrowing seal in the window rebate. In normal operation the preheated air then rises preheated between the sash and the frame through the ventilator below the ceiling into the room. In stormy weather or strong winds the system automatically stays closed, thereby preventing draughts. The Regel-Air has a flow rate of 2.1 m3/h at 4 Pa. Additional benefit of the window rebate ventilator: It shuts out noise, the device can achieve high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4 (= 42 dB).

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Weru-Air Comfort

Provides for fresh air in any weather. Air supplied from the outside flows upwards via recessed seals in the rebate and enters the room pre-heated via the special seal. In strong winds the seal pushes against the opening gap to restrict the amount of air flowing in. So even in this situation, basic ventilation is guaranteed and draught effects are avoided. With a fully open seal the system achieves a volume flow of 2.9–3.2 m3/h at 4 Pa. Even when the window is open the ventilation system is not visible either from the outside or from the inside. Weru-Air Comfort achieves high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4.

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Safe&Go ventilation

Windows used to be tilted or opened all the way to air out a room. With the innovative Safe&Go ventilation system the top of the sash can be positioned 10 mm from the window frame. What’s special about this is that the window is locked on all sides when in the ventilation position. A basic level of ventilation is provided, but with the burglary deterrence of a closed window. Thus you can safely air out the room and do your errands at the same time. 

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Aeromat midi HY
  • passive demand-controlled window ventilator for ventilation of closed rooms
  • functions by pressure equalisation between outside and inside air (pressure differential principle)
  • the regulation of air intake is based on the relative humidity
  • via a three-stage controller you can select between continuous ventilation, humidity control and minimal ventilation
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