YOU CAN ALWAYS RELY ON TOP QUALITY WITH WERU Everything from a single source - from consultation to installation and service

You can always rely on top quality with Weru. In all our windows and doors, and in the outstanding service we provide you. With each of our authorised Weru specialist dealers, you can always count on competent window and door consultations, customised planning and professional installation of our products.

The Weru specialist dealer is your contact who takes the time to help you make the right decision, someone who answers all your questions courteously and competently, takes measurements at your house, plans the windows according to your wishes and a few short weeks later installs them professionally, rapidly and cleanly And only leaves once you are satisfied with the result. Your Weru dealer will always be happy to advise you after your purchase as well.

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Consultation and showroom – at your friendly local specialist dealer

Entrance door and window showroom

You can expect qualified and competent consultation at the specialist dealers. Solutions are found in personal conversation which fulfil your individual requirements.

No brochure or catalogue can replace a windows or doors showroom. Specialist dealers have a large number of windows and doors on display in modern, brightly lit showrooms. Take a look for yourself and then decide which door or window is your favourite.

Decorative glass samples, hardware, handles and modern window and door system installations are on display in your specialist dealer. If an unusual item is not available, your specialist dealer will obtain a sample or high-quality brochure materials to help you make your decision.

Detailed planning and a comprehensive quote through your specialist dealer

Precise planning is the basis for seeing your wishes come true. An on-site appointment at your home, during which the specialist company's planners take the exact measurements of your windows or doors, guarantees that everything fits with millimetre precision during installation.

Your product expectations, the structural conditions and installation in line with the legal provisions are included in the detailed planning.

Based on this planning, the specialist dealer creates a clearly laid out quote for your construction project.

Professional installation by your specialist dealer

Fitters at Weru specialist dealers receive training and further training every year. Many specialist dealers are also certified for RAL quality-assured installation. Installation engineers from the Weru specialist companies are distinguished by:

  • extensive professional expertise thanks to continuous further training in training courses and seminars
  • customer-oriented friendly behaviour
  • very clean working methods in your rooms
  • team-oriented work

Professional installation is essential to ensure that your windows and your entrance door can fully satisfy all expectations and requirements. Most defects occurring in relation to windows and doors are caused by faulty installation and planning. Unprofessional installation has unpleasant consequences: indoor draughts, heat loss, poor sound insulation, condensation, penetrating damp through parapets and mould formation all the way to complex structural damage. These risks can be averted with good window planning and professional installation.

Consequences of faulty installation

  • Indoor draughts
  • Heat loss
  • Poor acoustic protection
  • Condensation
  • Penetrating damp through parapets and mould formation all the way to complex structural damage

Comprehensive service through your Weru specialist dealer

Your Weru specialist dealer is a local partner, whether for maintenance tips, care products or even processing warranty claims. Should you ever need a spare part even after many years, your Weru specialist dealer will also take care of procuring your Weru products.

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