The reliable quality window SERENO

For new builds or renovations, Sereno has everything a window needs. At a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. Besides incorporating the necessary design aspects, it also meets all the requirements for technical functionality and demonstrates its reliability in daily use. That is what Sereno means to you: Heat stays inside and noise stays outside — and all that under optimal lighting conditions. Fitted with the corresponding hardware, this window also impresses when it comes to security. Simply clever, our Sereno. Every Weru window is tailor-made to fit your requirements. You can also configure your window to meet your needs for thermal and burglary protection, comfort and design. A Weru specialist dealer near you can give you expert advice in selecting suitable options.

  • Proven in daily use
  • For price- and quality-conscious customers
  • For price- and quality-conscious customers, solid functionality

The Sereno window system  is only available in white!


Whether ‘real’ Georgian bars that divide up the glass, Georgian bars placed in the space between the panes for easy window cleaning, stuck-on Georgian bars for small windows or a combination of stuck-on Georgian bar outside and Georgian bar between the panes on the room side, all Georgian bars are available in different colours and designs.

Visit a Weru specialist dealer of your choice to receive comprehensive information about which Georgian bars are available for the different window systems.

Circular windows and special shapes

A window doesn’t always have to be rectangular. Weru also offers circular or arched elements as well as many other windows of all special shapes including slanted and triangular windows, extra large and extra small windows.
The best possible window, no matter what design you have in mind. And when it comes to advice, your retailer is also always on top form. You will receive personalised and detailed information about which circular windows or window systems are best for your desired form. Find a specialist dealer near you with our easy-to-use specialist search tool.

Thermal insulation
Aluminium glazing spacer

Are resistant to temperature, UV- and ageing, absorb dynamic loads and, with a linear thermal transmittance of 0.064 W/(mK), also have excellent thermal insulation properties.

  • Single Option
Condense-Stop glazing spacer

Highly insulating PVCu spacer

  • reduces condensation on the glass pane above the glazing bead
  • ensures a pleasant living climate due to a consistent surface temperature
Contained in:
  • Trend+
  • Trend++
  • Trend+++
  • Single Option
Standard handle

Standard handles are sufficient for windows on difficult-to-access upper floors, but ground floor windows should be fitted with burglar-resistant handle versions.

Lockable handle

The lockable handle prevents movement of the hardware and makes it harder to open a broken window by reaching in from the outside. In everyday use it serves as a childproofing means.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Protect++
  • Protect+++
  • Single Option
Self-locking handle

The self-locking handle prevents the hardware from being pushed up.

  • Single Option
Security hardware for RC 1

Makes it difficult to lever the window open with special mushroom cam locks placed at the corners of the window. Recommended for town houses and terraced houses.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Protect++
  • Single Option
Toughened safety glass (TSG)

The ‘prestressed’ glass is tougher than conventional insulating glass. Already at a thickness of 8 mm the pane is ‘ball-proof’. However, if the pane is acutually destroyed, it breaks into blunt-edged fragments. Toughened safety glass thus provides dual protection: against forceful impacts and against injuries.

  • Single Option
Laminated safety glass (LSG)

The glass panes are bonded to an extremely tough, tear-resistant plastic film that not only ensures the glass is very unlikely to break. Even if the pane were to break the fragments would adhere firmly to the film. And even then it would take a lot of time, effort and tools to penetrate the pane. A higher security class can be achieved by increasing the number of plastic films and glass panes.

  • Single Option
Weru secur surveillance system

Our Weru secur surveillance system is a so-called standalone solution for any individual window. The surveillance system monitors the position of the window sash and window handle. If the sash is closed and the handle is pointing downwards the integrated alarm system is automatically armed. If in this state an attempt is made to lever open the window from outside the system responds immediately by triggering an audible alarm.

  • No manual arming of the surveillance unit
  • It is impossible to forget to activate or deactivate the alarm
  • No key or combination of numbers required
  • No false alarms due to incorrect operation
  • Single Option
Glass break alarm

Issues an alarm by emitting a loud acoustic signal when the pane is broken and hence startles before break-in attempts. False alarms are prevented by a dual sensor mechanism (vibration and frequency).

Contained in:
  • Protect+++
  • Single Option
Soundproof glazing
Weru-KlimaTherm Phon

Construction: 6/12/4/12/4
Sound reduction index: 36 dB
Panel type: argon

  • Single Option
Ventilation systems
Gap vents

This hardware component provides for partial ventilation. Arresting the sash with the preset gap of 5 mm stops the window from slamming shut.

  • Single Option
Slam stop

Prevents window sash slamming shut from gusts of wind by securing the sash in place and enables variable window opening control.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+
  • Single Option
Weru-Fresh ventilator

The fresh air intake of the Weru-Fresh ventilator can be individually and finely adjusted via a sliding mechanism. The system can achieve a very high flow rate of 16 m3/h at 4 Pa. The Weru-Fresh ventilator is particularly suitable for detached homes and multi-storey new buildings and refurbishments. This ventilation system is also available with acoustic protection and integrated pollen filter. This means that problem-free ventilation is possible for persons with allergies or residents on streets with heavy traffic.

  • Single Option

The Regel-Air ventilation system is a self-regulating system that is installed in the upper section of the window and can be retro-fitted if required. Fresh air supplied from the outside flows laterally over the narrowing seal in the window rebate. In normal operation the preheated air then rises preheated between the sash and the frame through the ventilator below the ceiling into the room. In stormy weather or strong winds the system automatically stays closed, thereby preventing draughts. The Regel-Air has a flow rate of 2.1 m3/h at 4 Pa. Additional benefit of the window rebate ventilator: It shuts out noise, the device can achieve high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4 (= 42 dB).

  • Single Option
Weru-Air Comfort

Provides for fresh air in any weather. Air supplied from the outside flows upwards via recessed seals in the rebate and enters the room pre-heated via the special seal. In strong winds the seal pushes against the opening gap to restrict the amount of air flowing in. So even in this situation, basic ventilation is guaranteed and draught effects are avoided. With a fully open seal the system achieves a volume flow of 2.9–3.2 m3/h at 4 Pa. Even when the window is open the ventilation system is not visible either from the outside or from the inside. Weru-Air Comfort achieves high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4.

Contained in:
  • Comfort+
  • Single Option

Not all equipment options can be combined with one another. Your Weru specialist dealer will be happy to advise you.

Profile system

5-chamber profile
installation depth of 70 mm
View: recessed and semi-recessed
2 seals
Frames: PVC profile, steel reinforcement size-dependent in accordance with RAL
Sash: PVCu profile, steel reinforcement size-dependent in accordance with RAL

Thermal insulation

U value for windows to Uw = 0.83 W/(m2K)
U value for glazing to Ug = 0.4 W/(m2K)

Acoustic insulation Acoustic insulation value for windows to Rw = 44 dB


Fitted EPDM seals
(exceptionally weather-resistant and highly resilient)


100-Kg hinges
Can be upgraded to security class RC1 in accordance with DIN EN 1627–1630

Hardware fixing All security-relevant and load-bearing components are screwed through at least two PVCu walls
Maximum sash sizes

Windows: 1500 x 1400 mm
Balcony doors: 1200 x 2500 mm

Our Equipment Packages The right package for everyone

Various equipment packages are available for this window. They can be individually combined.

Protect +
Protects against forcible opening by prying out and prevents the handle from being twisted open

Protect ++
Further increases the pry out security with reinforced steel fittings

Protect +++
Protects against break-in using tools and emits alarm if the glass breaks
Lockable handle Lockable handle Lockable handle
Security hardware:
Hardware version as for test elements with security class RC1
Security hardware:
Hardware version as for test elements with security class RC1
Security hardware:
Hardware version as for test elements with security class RC2
Pry-stop, horizontal Pry-stop, horizontal Pry-stop, horizontal
Security keeper, gear side Security keeper, gear side  
  Security reinforced steel fittings Security reinforced steel fittings
    Glass break alarm

Energy +
Increases the energy efficiency by 36% over that of ExtraTherm basic glazing

Energy ++
Increases the energy efficiency by 45% over that of ExtraTherm basic glazing and reduces cold radiation with the ThermoPlus profile

Energy +++
Increases the energy efficiency by 55 % over that of ExtraTherm basic glazing and reduces cold radiation with the ThermoPlus profile
Weru-KlimaTherm (Ug = 0.7) Weru-PrimaTherm (Ug = 0.6) Weru-SupraTherm (Ug = 0.5)
Condense-Stop Condense-Stop Condense-Stop
  ThermoPlus profile ThermoPlus profile

Comfort +
Ensures permanent ventilation and closes automatically in strong winds

Comfort ++
Offers basic ventilation with the burglary deterrence of a closed window

Comfort +++
Provides fresh air as required according to the relative humidity
Weru-Air Comfort Safe&Go ventilation  
  Security hardware:
Hardware version as for test elements with security class RC1
  Lockable handle  
    Aeromat midi HY
Passive ventilator; independently regulates the air intake