User-friendliness and technology at the highest level The AFINO lift & slide door

Lift & slide doors from Weru are recommended as a space-saving solution for extremely large door openings. With precision guidance of the door leaf on the top and the bottom, they can be opened and closed sideways very easily. It also ensures effective thermal insulation, maximum tightness, exceptional stability and reliable burglary deterrence. The AFINO lift & slide door is available in PVCu (AFINO-tec) or PVCu–aluminium (AFINO-top). As part of the AFINO system, this lift & slide door offers you ample room for individuality. With individual elements from the supplementary and design features you can tailor this lift & slide door precisely to your requirements for appearance, security and comfort.
A Weru specialist dealer near you can give you expert advice.

Lift & slide doors as for the windows
  • Same quality standard: stable profiles, innovative technologies and ease of operation
  • Identical optional equipment: from thermal glazing through to burglary deterrence and surveillance
  • Consistent appearance in terms of colour and forms. Make use of the extensive Weru colour assortment
  • Advice, planning and installation from a single source. Plus comprehensive services for long-lasting enjoyment of your windows and doors

Whether PVCu or aluminium surfaces on your windows or doors: the RAL Classic colours are always a good choice! At Weru you can choose from up to 200 RAL Classic colours or pick one of our numerous other colours — you decide!

These colour graphics may differ from the original colours. Visit your specialist dealer to see the original colours. Your specialist dealer can also tell you which colour options are available for specific window /door systems.

PVCu surfaces
Aluminium surfaces
Matt colours
  • RAL matt colours (M)
    Nearly all colours in the RAL Classic colour swatch are available as RAL matt colours for the design of your aluminium surface.
  • Matt texture colours (MS)
    The matt texture colours with special surface feel are available in the colour shades shown below.
Patterned glazing

Whether Georgian bars that divide up the glass, Georgian bars placed in the space between the panes for easy window cleaning, stuck-on Georgian bars for small windows or a combination of stuck-on Georgian bar outside and Georgian bar between the panes on the room side, all Georgian bars are available in different colours and designs.

A Weru specialist of your choice can tell you which Georgian bar variants can be combined with the different window systems.

Thermal insulation
Condense-Stop glazing spacer

Highly insulating PVCu spacer

  • reduces condensation on the glass pane above the glazing bead
  • ensures a pleasant living climate due to a consistent surface temperature
Contained in:
  • Trend+
  • Trend++
  • Trend+++
  • Individually bookable
Glazing with thermal protection

Activate your energy-saving potential with WERU windows. Depending on the design situation, we can offer you a variety of thermal protection windows with thermal insulation values of up to 0.5 W/(m²K), so that even the strict energy-saving regulations (EnEV) can be met without any problems.

Contained in:
  • Trend+++
  • Individually bookable

Security classes RC1 and RC2 upon request

Soundproof glazing
Weru-KlimaTherm Phon

Construction: 6/12/4/12/4
Sound reduction index: 36 dB
Panel type: argon

  • Individually bookable

Not all equipment options can be combined with one another. Your Weru specialist dealer will be happy to advise you.

Thermal insulation

U value for lift & slide doors to Uw = 0.8 W/(m2K)
U value Uf = 1.3 W/(m2K)

Acoustic insulation Acoustic insulation value for windows to Rw = 42 dB
Installation depth

86 mm

Burglary deterrence

RC1, RC2

Barrier-free access


Can be converted to an entrance door
(lockable with profile cylinder)


Maximum sash sizes

3,000 mm x 2,700 mm

Opening variants