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Toughened safety glass (TSG)

The ‘prestressed’ glass is tougher than conventional insulating glass. Already at a thickness of 8 mm the pane is ‘ball-proof’. However, if the pane is acutually destroyed, it breaks into blunt-edged fragments. Toughened safety glass thus provides dual protection: against forceful impacts and against injuries.

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Weru secur surveillance system

Our Weru secur surveillance system is a so-called standalone solution for any individual window. The surveillance system monitors the position of the window sash and window handle. If the sash is closed and the handle is pointing downwards the integrated alarm system is automatically armed. If in this state an attempt is made to lever open the window from outside the system responds immediately by triggering an audible alarm.

  • No manual arming of the surveillance unit
  • It is impossible to forget to activate or deactivate the alarm
  • No key or combination of numbers required
  • No false alarms due to incorrect operation
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Weru-Air Comfort

Provides for fresh air in any weather. Air supplied from the outside flows upwards via recessed seals in the rebate and enters the room pre-heated via the special seal. In strong winds the seal pushes against the opening gap to restrict the amount of air flowing in. So even in this situation, basic ventilation is guaranteed and draught effects are avoided. With a fully open seal the system achieves a volume flow of 2.9–3.2 m3/h at 4 Pa. Even when the window is open the ventilation system is not visible either from the outside or from the inside. Weru-Air Comfort achieves high acoustic insulation values up to acoustic protection class 4.

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Weru-KlimaTherm Phon

Construction: 6/12/4/12/4
Sound reduction index: 36 dB
Panel type: argon

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