Additional equipment for doors Page 3

Pry-out guards

Strike plates and screw-in lock bolts specially attached to the frame and leaf rebate engage in one another when the door is closed so the door leaf cannot be forcefully levered off in the hinge area.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Protect++
  • Protect+++
  • Individually bookable
Scratch protection around profile cylinder

A key ring is a practical thing. It holds all the keys you need: entrance door, letterbox, car lock and bike lock. But a key ring often knocks against the entrance door, leaving behind obvious marks over time. A stainless steel scratch protection plate around the profile cylinder is easy to attach and protects the panel from nasty marks.

  • Individually bookable
Security rosette

The security rosette with cylinder cover protects the profile cylinder from tampering actions such as drilling out or core pulling, as well as preventing the rosette itself from being pried off and unscrewed.

Contained in:
  • Protect+
  • Individually bookable
Secutity thermal insulation glazing
  • Thermal insulation glazing – depending on the system, up to four panes with a Ug value of up to 0.6 W/(m2K)
  • 6-mm laminated safety glass for increased security

Included in standard equipment

Special handle fastening

The handle backing materials ensure the handles are seated firmly and durably even after many years.

Thermally optimised threshold
  • Thermally separated threshold prevents condensation
  • Low threshold height for barrier-free access
  • Special design for maximum driving rain impermeability
Three-point lock with electric opener
  • When the door is locked two bolts, one at the top and one at the bottom, engage in the door frame slots
  • With the electric door opener you can conveniently open the door for your guests via the intercom
Contained in:
  • Comfort+
  • Individually bookable

With the Weru-TwinLock door catch allows you to open the door just a crack so you can see who’s there. No one can enter until you unlock the catch from inside. To enter the house you can unlock the TwinLock from the outside with the key. An additional security feature: All lock parts are concealed in the door profiles.

  • Individually bookable