Die Weru AFINO Fenster sind individuell konfigurierbar und überzeugen durch technische Innovationen

Cold stop system

  • External inspection opening reduces heat loss and cold bridging
  • Box is closed on the room side to prevent draughts
Fenstersysteme-AFINO-Fenster-Weru-Aero Therm-Luefter

Weru AeroTherm ventilators

  • Guarantees air exchange with virtually no thermal loss by preheating the incoming air to 17 °C at an outside temperature of  -10 °C and a room temperature of 20 °C (= 90 % efficiency)
  • Reduces the pollutants in the air by integrated activated carbon filter and optional pollen filter
PK1-1-1-Fenstersysteme-AFINO-Fenster-Safe Go-Lueftung

Safe&Go ventilation

  • Special hardware which parks the window sash parallel to the frame with a ventilation gap of 6 mm
  • All-round ventilation gap guarantees continuous basic ventilation without draught effects
  • The special hardware ensures enhanced burglary deterrence, even in the ventilation position, up to security class WK2, optionally also in security class RC 2, to EN 1627-1630

Condense stop

  • Reduces condensation formation on the pane of glass above the glazing bead due to highly-insulating PVCu glazing spacers
  • Warm edge ensures pleasant living climate due to even surface temperature

Slam stop

  • The sash is fixed to prevent it from slamming shut during intermittent ventilation
  • Variably limits the ventilation opening of the window

Pry-out stop

  • Enhances burglary deterrence of the AFINO window with the special mushroom cam and hammer head locks that work in opposing directions to stop the window sash being pushed out of the locking mechanism
  • Only available from Weru

Glass break alarm

  • Emits a loud acoustic signal when the pane is hit
  • Deters break-in attempts
  • Dual sensor mechanism (vibration and frequency) prevents false alarms

Security reinforced steel fittings

  • Multiple locks bolted into special steel reinforcement elements maximise the AFINO window's resistance to being pried out
  • Ensures additional loading capability and stability of frame and window as load-bearing components are generally bolted into the steel


    Safe&Go Automatic

    • Automatic room ventilation with motorised parallel parking hardware that moves the window into the ventilation position
    • Sensor or time-controlled ventilation programs ensure adequate ventilation even when you are out

    Child-proof lock

    • Prevents unwanted opening by children
    • The special tilt-before-turn mechanism ensures that children can only tilt the window and not open it
    • It can only be opened with a key
    Fenstersysteme-AFINO-Fenster-Thermo Plus-Profil

    ThermoPlus profile

    • Optimises the thermal efficiency of the profile system due to ingenious chamber geometry in combination with thermal insulation foam 
    • Improves energy efficiency with all-round foam filling, even in the corner of the profile
    • Ensures feeling of well-being due to even glass and surface temperature

    Venetian blind system

    • Control natural daylight as you wish
    • External venetian blinds prevents rooms with large window areas becoming overheated
    • The venetian blind is mounted directly on the window, and so becomes virtually invisible in the facade
    • Venetian blind boxes and windows are perfectly matched to one another

    AFINO windows - Innovative, bespoke premium windows for life

    Everybody should get the window that suits them. Nothing more and nothing less. That's why there are four different basic styles of AFINO window: AFINO-one, AFINO-tec, AFINO-top and AFINO-art. All AFINO windows can be equipped with individual packages to suit your particular security, energy efficiency and ventilation comfort needs.

    The AFINO system is based on an innovative window design. With a host of technical innovations that you can package to suit you. Simply click on the terms in the image above to find out what benefits AFINO windows can offer you.

    The AFINO-System – The right window for everyone

    AFINO-one - the bespoke window

    The bespoke window with a broad range of shape, colour and function options. For windows tailored to suit you.


    AFINO-tec -the bespoke high-tech window

    The bespoke high-tech window. Permitting exceptionally large glazed areas thanks to the latest GFRP technology.


    AFINO-top - the bespoke Alumix window

    The bespoke Alumix window. The clever mix of aluminium and PVCu materials provides weather protection and creates unique colour effects. AFINO-top

    AFINO-tec - the bespoke architect window

    The bespoke architect window. The slender design blends seamlessly with the facade - ideal for architectural design solutions.


    The AFINFO packages - Tailored exactly to your security, energy efficiency and comfort needs

    Configurable premium quality: The AFINO package range comprising Protect, Energy and Comfort mean you can equip your AFINO windows as you like.

    AFINO packages

    AFINO Protect - my reassuringly safe window
    AFINO Protect package

    My reassuringly secure window: The three Protect packages systematically and comprehensively increase the security of your window.

    AFINO Protect package

    AFINO Energy - My save yourself heat window
    AFINO Energy package

    My save yourself heat window: We have effectively bundled the most efficient active thermal protection measures in our three energy levels.

    AFINO Energy package

    AFINO Comfort – My total-relaxed window
    AFINO Comfort package

    My total-relaxed window: The three Comfort levels offer different ways of achieving a comfortable atmosphere that suits your individual requirements – in a simple, fast and uncomplicated manner.

    AFINO Comfort package


    Your Weru windows for life can also be found here in the catalogue.


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