PVCu windows - durable and rigid

PVCu is the most important window frame material. It is impervious to rain, snow, ice, sunlight and other environmental influences. PVCu windows remain dimensionally stable throughout their service life, which can be 40 years or more.

Unlike wood or wood/aluminium windows, PVCu windows do not need to be painted or varnished for additional protection. PVCu windows are 100% recyclable. And have a much better overall ecobalance than wood or wood/aluminium windows.

Special requirements for thermal insulation, burglary deterrence or acoustic protection are also satisfied by PVCu windows from Weru. Furthermore, we have available innovative ventilation systems as well as coloured and particularly easy-to-clean PVCu windows.

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Thermal insulation PVCu windows

PVCu windows fitted with thermal insulation glass help reduce energy consumption and hence cut heating costs.

Burglary deterrent PVCu windows

The right choice for sure, should the worst happen: No attack surfaces for burglars - and more peace of mind for you.

Acoustic protection test
Acoustic protection PVCu windows

Peace descends through these PVCu windows: thanks to acoustic protection glazing and acoustic protection profiles.

PVCu window ventilation

Even rooms have to breath: Innovative ventilation technology ensures a feel-good atmosphere and prevents mould infestation.

Coloured PVCu windows

Coloured PVCu windows turn your facade into a visual highlight. Numerous colour shades and textures are available.

Reinigungsfreundliche Kunststofffenster
Easy clean PVCu windows

A clean solution: These PVCu windows are designed without grooves and recesses and so are extremely easy to clean, especially in the rebate area.

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