Weru - windows and doors for life

Go for Weru, the market's leading supplier of PVCu windows in the residential sector. It says a lot about you. ...and about us. After all, almost no other window and door manufacturer offers you such a professional, complete package that covers every requirement. By continuously improving and developing our products, we are ensuring today that your specific window and door requirements will continue to be met in the future.

Experience and innovation

With Weru windows and doors, you are buying pure durability, and deciding not only for the best product quality but also for a solid company with many years' experience. We are never satisfied simply with the standards we have reached. But what does all this mean for you? Your Weru products always represent state-of-the-art technology, while giving due consideration to the latest requirements, such as thermal insulation and acoustic protection, burglary deterrence and a sophisticated design.

Expertise and individuality

Thanks to our exceptional know-how, we will meet even your most exacting personal requirements. No matter whether shape, colour or equipment of your window and entrance door: We give you endless choices to make your visions a reality. We build each and every window and door according to your requirements. To cutting edge technology, and by a master's hand. After all, you buy windows and doors not just for three years, but for three decades!

Vision, values and goals

Weru vision

"We improve quality of life with system solutions individually tailored to your needs in all situations"

  • Customer for life ... Life-long customer satisfaction
  • We secure a competitive edge for our partners
  • We create reliable, ground-breaking and sustainable values

Weru values

"Close to the customer – looking far ahead"

  • Passion/enthusiasm/competence
  • Creativity and courage to adopt new perspectives
  • Uncompromisingly orientated towards customer-specific values
  • Openness and experienced entrepreneurship as the pillars of our cooperation

Weru goals

"Disproportionate market growth due to needs-driven products and system solutions"

  • A secure future as a profitable and competitive partner
  • Products geared towards maximum customer benefit
  • Supplier of complete solutions – everything from a single source