Sustainability at the Weru Group – Or: How to turn energy efficiency into climate protection

Neue Fenster für mehr Klimaschutz

The rate of progression in thermal efficiency and energy saving technology in recent years has been more rapid for windows than any other component of the building envelope. Weru and Unilux play a key role. Our windows achieve thermal insulation values that are coming increasingly closer to those of solid brickwork. Consequently, the stringent requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) can also easily be met. And it's not only our products that make a valuable contribution to climate protection. We also commit to sustainability and environmentally-conscious actions in our plants:

Environmentally safe noble gases

In late 2003, Weru stopped using sulphur hexafluoride for improving noise insulation values. To protect the environment, the company now uses only argon and krypton as noble gases.

More economical use of materials

Our production facility is geared towards minimising waste. As early as the planning stage, a calculation is carried out to determine how the materials (profiles, glass) can be cut to reduce the number of offcuts and minimise waste. The waste is returned to the supplier, is shredded and then reused