Die Weru Unternehmensgeschichte – Von der Tradition der Innovation

Weru's company history

Since 1843, has felt a huge commitment: to advancement. Hence our guiding motto: Innovation over tradition. And that applies now as much as it did back then.

1843 Founded by Christian Friedrich Eppensteiner
1877 Company continued by Karl Wilhelm Eppensteiner and his son Adolf Eppensteiner
1935 Succeeded by Willy Eppensteiner, start of wood roller shutter production
1960 Start of PVCu roller shutter production
1969 Trademark registered
1972 Start of insulation glass production
1979 Start of aluminium entrance door production
1989 Transformation to a public limited company
1991 Construction and commissioning of the plant in Triptis, Thüringen
1994 Inauguration of the new company headquarters in Rudersberg
1997 The new window generations of Nobile, Classico, Colore and the entrance door systems of Villa, Casa, Moda are born.
1999 TFB Fenster-Beteiligungs-GmbH (majority owned by the Triton Fund) becomes the new majority shareholder.
2001 The Palazzo window generation is born.
2002 The window systems Castello and Acento, the entrance door system Avida and the aluminium roofing system Tectola are developed and launched.
2003 BFT Baumfenster und -Türen GmbH sold to the window holding
2005 Introduction of the new window standards with alarm function Weru CASTELLO secur, Weru PALAZZO secur and aluminium roofing system TECTOLA Carport
2006 Introduction of the window surveillance system "Window alarm" for retrofitting wood and PVCu window. TFB Fenster Beteiligungs- GmbH becomes the sole shareholder.
2008 The high-performance window of the future, Weru-Thermico, made from fibre reinforced composite, is launched.
2012 Launch of the bespoke premium window series AFINO, which can be equipped with predefined function packages. Transformation to a limited liability company.
2013 Launch of the new aluminium composite entrance door system ATRIS 90AC
2014 Launch of the new Aluminium Entrance Door Systems ATRIS-life, ATRIS-therm and SEDOR
Corporate Merger of Weru and Unilux into the Weru Group
2015 Launch of 3D-Aluminium Entrance Door System ATIRS-style
The Weru Group acquires the company "Schneeberger Bauelemente Potthoff GmbH (SBP)" based in Crimmitschau, which specialises in the supply and installation of upmarket entrance doors, windows and roller shutters.
2016 Launch of the PVC Entrance Door System TERSA
2017 Launch of the new Lift- and Slide Patio Door System CEANO HS
Start-up of the new glass production line in Triptis
Launch of the new roller shutter system FE 10